Chivalry Chips, the #ChivalryChallenge & Why


What is a Chivalry Chip? 

The latest movement by the Whisky Wisemen came from the need to make doing good tangible and accountable. Not accountable as though it is a must do, but rather a reminder, that someone went out of their way to do something kind for you and, hopefully, you find the time to do the same.

The idea sprouted from a desire to 'Pay it Forward' but needing a way to track, account or further inspire good deeds. With the Chivalry Chip - it's a 2" wide, clay poker chip that acts as an excellent reminder when floating in your pocket or purse. You can track all good created in the world with the #ChivalryChallenge, and having someone buy you a coffee or hold a door open is a fantastic source of inspiration to pass that feeling forward.

Let this movement be something you look forward to, let it rest with you and inspire the good that each of us has inside us, and let it help you be a better human and remember, #Dogood, #Bebetter, it's your turn.


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