The Black Grouse

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History: The blend was first produced in 1896 by Matthew Gloag & Son, a grocer by trade, and has been handed down through family over the years to eventually be owned by The Edrington Group. The Edrington Group, in no small part due to the success of The Famous Grouse, has grown to be the most profitable privately held company in Scotland. The Number 1 Selling Blended Scotch Whisky in Scotland and the UK does not disappoint. The blend includes spirit from some of the most notable brands in the Single Malt world including The Macallan and Highland Park, both of which are also owned by the Edrington Group. 

Tasting Notes:  The blend is easy drinking and approachable, meant for both sipping neat and adding to your favourite cocktail or mix. The broad appeal and volume price point have been part of the secret of its success. The undeniably scotch flavour is nicely peated but not overpoweringly so and includes sweet notes of toffee, fragrant flowers, apples and a refreshing touch of citrus. The finish is unexpectedly long, warm and enjoyable. 

Price: $29.99. No joke. 

Wisemen Word: Up to this point in the evolution of our collective WW pallets we have been relatively committed to single malts. However, as @danvolway pointed out at the #BlendsomefamousVan event we attended last week, the Master Distillers of blends such as Famous Grouse are the real rockstars of the Scotch world (with the salaries to match their status). The skills and ability to navigate subtle complexities in tasting notes required to deliver a truly historic and consistent blend are heavily sought after over and above the distillers of most Single Malts. With this knowledge, and a neat pouring of 'The Grouse', our interest has been peaked and we are eager to explore the immense and diverse world of blends around the world.  Please enjoy the full flavour of this beautiful scotch responsibly.  Slainte. 


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