Crown Royal Regal Apple

History: Now most of us are no strangers to this iconic whisky brand from the Great White North.  From their purple velvet bags to their classic bottle design, Crown Royal is the premium Canadian Whisky that we've all come to know and love. Over the past couple years, we appear to be in the midst of another flavored whiskey storm with various brands continuing to release new products enhanced with unique flavours.  First a whisky enhanced with maple for the Canadian distiller, and now this winter, Regal Apple arrives on shelves with appropriately toned packaging.  Crown touts this rendition as a combination of their traditional whiskey and "Regal Gala Apples." It is a unique blend resulting in the perfect balance of robust whiskey notes and crisp apple flavor. The apple extension is a great option for those fun-loving whisky drinkers looking for a high-quality flavored offering from a brand with a history of fine whisky making. 

Tasting Notes: On the nose is an immediate blast of apple. The entry for Crown Royal Regal Apple is very sweet with the strong apple from the nose. As we get to the mid palate there’s a building level of spice, including cinnamon, clove, vanilla and oak, that tries to balance and counterpoint the apple. It is definitely sweet on the lips but quite refreshing too.

Price: $29.99

Wisemen Word: If you are a fan of Crown Royal, you are going to go tart about the new flavor. Not tart as in angry, but their new flavor, Crown Royal Regal Apple is perfect for those who love the original whiskey, but want something different. Regal Apple stands as a combination of Crown Royal flavors and a blend of natural apple making the second flavored offering after Crown Royal Maple. Did we mention this goes great in a cocktail or simply neat sitting by the fire place over the holidays? Don't forget your slippers. Please enjoy responsibly. Slainte

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