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Introducing The Wiseman Cocktail

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you The Wiseman cocktail. $1 from each one of our signature cocktails sold benefits a Vancouver-based charity.  

With the help of ten early adopters and ambassadors of our NPO as well Joel Virginillo, Diageo's Reserve Spirit Specialist and world renowned cocktail artist, The Wiseman was created on the very bar where the first whisky of the first Third Thursday was poured.  

At an invite-only gathering in January, Joel created three different cocktails based on the attributes of a gentleman. These beverages were then placed in front of a panel of ten men and women to vote. The vote was unanimous when we tried a mix of Johnnie Walker Black Label, Cherry Heering, Ramazzotti Amaro, chocolate bitters, and a twist of orange, and so The Wiseman was born. (See photos from the event here.)

The making of The Wiseman cocktail

The making of The Wiseman cocktail

Less than 10 months ago, a signature whisky cocktail was merely a dream. Now we are drinking that dream (lots of them, actually) and using it to further support our fundraising goals.  

The intention of The Wiseman cocktail is to grow the Whisky Wiseman brand and mission while extrapolating the fundraising objectives of our monthly events and reaching as many people as possible.  

This drink has legs, and not the kind winos talk about at fancy tastings. The Wiseman has the kind of legs that need the exit rows on airplanes, and the stamina and strength to finish under three hours in a marathon. We are excited to bring The Wiseman to restaurants and bars around the city and reach an affluent demographic that is thirsty to give back to their community.  

We are grateful to The Irish Heather and Shebeen Whisk(e)y House, where our monthly events are held, for being the first to support this idea and put The Wiseman on their menu.  

April was the first month we've sold The Wiseman at these establishments and the response was heartwarming. Including the cocktail launch in March, our April #SocialWhisky event, and everyday drink sales to the public, we have already sold over 300 cocktails, which amounts to more than $300 for charity in a one month from a single venue. 

Our aim is to have this cocktail on menus across North America. Please help us spread the word and support us when you can – next time you are out and you see the two Ws beside The Wiseman on a menu, know that much like the Oceanwise symbol means you are eating sustainably caught seafood, the WW logo means you are treating your tastebuds to a cocktail for a cause.