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Everyday Ways A Gentleman Can Meet A Lady

We regularly hear men say they don't know where to meet women outside of a bar, club or Tinder. But if we just implemented a bit of old fashioned chivalry, meeting a quality woman might not be so hard. 

Think about it. What if you... 

  • Held a door open for a woman, made eye contact, and smiled as she said thank you?
  • Held your umbrella over a woman while you both waited to cross the street in the rain?
  • Helped a woman struggling to reach something up high up a shelf at Whole Foods?
  • Picked up a woman's jacket from the floor and gently interrupted her conversation: "Excuse me. I think this fell from your chair."? 
  • Let a woman struggling to carry a heavy grocery basket go in front of you at checkout?
  • Offered to help a woman place her bag in the overhead stowage bin on the plane, or helped her get her suitcase off the luggage belt when you arrived at the airport?
  • Offered to share the cab you're both trying to hail, and offer to pay the fare if you're headed in a similar direction?

There are many ways being a gentleman can help you meet women, and believe us, you'll impress a woman more with modern manners and courtesy than buying her a drink at the bar.

Has chivalry every helped you meet a woman? Or ladies, has a man every won you over with a chivalrous gesture? We'd love to hear your stories in the comments.