Kamiki Blended Malt Whisky - Review

Translated as ‘God’s Breath’ and named after the winds which descend from Mount Miwa in Nara, Kamiki is a modern blended whisky bound by the ancient traditions of Japan’s Kansai region. Carefully selected Japanese malt whiskies are blended with some of the finest malt whiskies from across the globe to create a smooth, deep, world blended expression. The next step sees the whisky fused with Japanese spring water and aged in Japanese wood. What kind of wood, you ask?

Yoshino Sugi, known in English as ‘Japanese cedar’, is where the Kamiki whisky is finished, making it the very first in the world to be matured in this unique wood type. The aromatic wood is difficult to handle, but imparts immense depth to the final liquid. Aromas of honey-dipped apples and peaches are followed by dried fruit and a whiff of campfire smoke. The palate carries the aforementioned notes forward, now joined by fresh incense, ginger, and sandalwood from the cedar. The finish is satisfying yet subtle, bringing the whole experience to a balanced close.

The world has taken notice. The Kamiki recently shone at the Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2018, as the best performing Japanese whisky, scoring 95 points. Receiving a Gold at the San Diego Spirits Festival in 2017, and a Silver at IWSC, this exciting new expression is quickly spreading across the world.

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