From Whisky Casks to Sunglasses - A Glenmorangie x Finlay & Co. Collaboration

Scotch whisky distiller Glenmorangie is going #BeyondTheCask for their latest craftsmanship efforts and our Creative Director - Nick Harborne was there to see, taste, and experience the perfection every step of the way.

Having been invited by Glenmorangie personally, the Whisky 'Wiseman' was on his way to New York to try on the first pair of sunglasses made from Glenmorangie's finest American oak cask barrels. For this to happen, the distiller teamed with handmade sunglass brand Finlay & Co. to create the shades. Since the wood used to shape the frames were once exposed to aging Scotch, the oak has maintained traces of the spirit. While the scent will not be overwhelming, if kept in the case for an extended period of time, a slight whiff of scotch will remind the wearer of the frame’s origin upon opening.

For the project, Glenmorangie found that each cask can yield between 40 and 50 pairs of sunglasses. To create the shades, Finlay & Co. follows a 16-step process to ensure each pair exudes max strength, lightness and inimitable style. Numbered pairs of the shades are available exclusively on the brand’s Web Site.

Aside from making the perfect scotch whisky and collaborating with amazing brands, Glenmorangie has also launched a new digital communication platform dubbed ‘Unseen’. It's the ultimate experience for whisky lovers - giving them a detailed look at the creation of their whisky, how artists go to great lengths to perfect their craft, and the lifestyle of whisky connoisseurs all over the world.

For more info on the Finlay & Co. x Glenmorangie Sunglasses - Click Here. 

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