YVR - Letter from Power To Be, Our 2015 Charity Partner

A new year means new beginnings and that is no different for our Society as January brings about a time for change. It's time to say goodbye to our previous year's charity partner and start a fresh 12 months with another deserving organization, so we can continue to spread the good across the community.

2015 was an extremely successful year for us as we launched 3 new Chapters across North America, and extended our fundraising model and growing community to 3 new cities and started raising funds for 3  new charities. 

However, all good things must come to an end and therefore it is time to make an official donation of the funds raised over the year to Power To Be, our YVR Chapter 2015 charity partner, but before we do we must share this heart-felt letter that was penned to us by their organization for the contribution that we were able to make and what that meant for them.

It's things like this that keep us humbled and motivated for the future to come and to continue pushing for our vision of a better world, filled with better people. Thanks Power To Be, the pleasure has been all ours.


To the amazing and generous people behind the Whisky Wisemen community,

Very simply, the Whisky Wisemen Society has helped make Power To Be’s impact in the community possible. Over the course of 2015 we have expanded our reach for a higher demand in services and heightened awareness for our mission in the Vancouver and surrounding area.

In 2015, the inspired philanthropy of the entire Whisky Wisemen community has ensured we met the need for accessible and inclusive adaptive recreation services from a growing base of more than 50 community partners and more than 1,000 participants living with physical, mental or social support needs. Our programs, 100 per cent of which are subsidized, offer a long-term connection to community and outdoor adventures.

The list of programs and participants is long, but with the support of the Whiskey Wisemen Society we are helping youth living with Autism enjoy a day of rock climbing in a safe and judgement free environment, a teenager living with Cerebral Palsy gain confidence through kayaking or a father living with an acquired brain injury reconnect with his family through a facilitated camping trip, among so many more Power To Be experiences.

As this year draws to a close, we want to thank every single member and friend of the Whisky Wisemen Society for holding up our mission and making a real difference this year. We could not do it without you. 

From our community to yours, we raise a glass in sincere gratitude for a fantastic year.
Thank you.

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