Ardbeg Day 2015 - Vancouver

Ardbeg Day (March 30th 2015) marks the 200th anniversary. That’s no mean feat. For 200 years, Islay craftsmen have used skills handed down through generations to distil it's beloved whisky. A whisky that today is worshipped around the world, yet is still made by hand, in a handful of buildings perched on Islay’s rocky coast.

Being as this year’s Ardbeg Day is extra special given the distillery’s anniversary, an extra big deal is being made about the Perpetuum release. Ardbeg has said of this whisky so far that it is its “past, present and future” bottled. What this means is a touch cryptic, but what’s also been said is this expression, created by Ardbeg’s Dr. Bill Lumsden, “has taken inspiration from the differing styles of whisky his predecessors have created over the last 200 years.”

Now what’s interesting about this release, is that it's already out on the market, provided you happen to be able visit the distillery in Scotland to grab a bottle. As of the 30th, It is now being sold across Europe and other parts of the world. As for Canada.. We will have to wait until the fall to get our hands on a bottle. 

Here are some of the highlights of this years Ardbeg Day in Vancouver.

Photos By: Jonathan Evans

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