SFU Alumni Presentation Recap

Two weeks ago, Sean Burke and I presented to a room full of eager undergraduates and young professionals alike on the topic "From Startup to Finish: Achieving Entrepreneurial Goals". The SFU Alumni Association did a great job curating a vibrant crowd, refreshments, and a great panel of presenters with Jill Earthy as the Moderator.

As the community of Wisemen and Wisewomen grow and do their best to #dogood and #bebetter, we were asked question about how the Whisky Wisemen has reached the level it is at and what are some of the habits Sean and I hold near and dear, allowing us to burn the midnight oil working to make the world a little bit better.

It was a refreshing experience that allowed us to touch on my fear of being a 'been brother' (coulda been, woulda been, shoulda been) and Sean's greatest strength, which is also his greatest weakness, stubbornness. 

You can view the whole interview at the link below.

Thanks again to the SFU Alumni Association and everyone who came to hear what the Whisky Wisemen are all about - there will be more to come!