Club Wise - Whisky is just the beginning

For those of you who do not know, earlier this year a new initiative was taken on to create a member-based club for the Whisky Wisemen Soceity. Club Wise, founded on the value systems of #DoGood #BeBetter, moved from concept to implementation launching in the early spring. The Club has created a member-base of over 30 young aspiring professionals all bound by multiple reasons but founded by one common love, whisky. All though whisky is the glue that brought us together (or the liquid), for Club Wise it is just the beginning.   

The Whisky Wisemen Society was created on the concept of bringing together like-minded individuals to be the force to make change. It is simple; we do not want to simply bring people together to have a drink but instead act as a catalyst to create social change. Club Wise was built on this same notion. With the ability to assemble over 30 bright young professionals, we have committed to creating change within our communities.  

With conversation come ideas. Often, one can find themselves surrounded by those who they automatically share space with. Meaning, you are immersed within your own industry and friend group. Club Wise has carefully curated a diverse group of young professionals who each bring a different element to the conversation.  

Actively, Club Wise has encouraged continual conversations centered on the betterment of community and the resources at hand to do so. Through this conversation, the intention is to create and opportunity for a small business owner, for example, to connect with the founder of a technology start-up. We have challenged the group to find at what point there is an intersection between the two and how that can be used to develop both personally and externally.  

Ultimately we have stride to make an investment in social and human capital to construct a mobilizing group of action takers. We have done this through providing a space for people who are enthusiastically seeking an opportunity for challenge.

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