Pink Shirt Day & Adnams Triple Grain Whisky

In the spirit of Pink Shirt Day we thought we would help spread the word in our own unique way.


Today we showcase Adnams Triple Grain Whisky. Made from East Anglian barley, wheat and oats, it’s a bold, dark chocolate-scented whisky with notes of toasted oak, pepper and orange peel. From just 10 new American oak barrels, the whisky was bottled in November 2013 and sold out everywhere. This bright, vibrant coloured whisky reflects the contemporary approach that Jonathan Adnams and John McCarthy *head distiller, have to making spirits'.

‪Tasting Notes: A serious, complex nose with spices, toasted oak, citrus fruit and sweet honey. The palate takes you through sumptuous chocolate and exploding spices, before a long, satisfying finish. 

When is the next release?

When they set up the distillery three years ago, they made just ten barrels of whisky. Stocks are therefore limited and likely to sell out quickly. However, the second release is currently ageing quietly in barrels, and will be ready in the spring of 2015.

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