Growing up, I repeatedly heard: "focus on quality, not quantity." With Club Wise, there is an exception to this rule.  There is a greater power in numbers within this collective. You join a community that is filled with quality: professionals of all ages, entrepreneurs, artists and the likes come together to shape a greater purpose. One of collaboration, one of endless support and one of growth. And of course, the common thread of our appreciation of the siren more commonly known as whiskey.

Within the last year, my professional and personal network has expanded to the highest of qualities. I've met individuals that wouldn't normally cross my path in my day to day ventures. I've gained knowledge on how to grow and nurture my business. I've learned that asking for help and asking for support is not necessarily a strike against your character but an asset to find such vulnerability. 

I've come across a varying of strengths attending events where I know not a single person. Though my attendance has been sporadic throughout the year, I've never once felt out of place and in fact felt more myself. Finding a place in which you are accepted and welcomed, where you are educated and connected to a greater cause than your own - all the while finding who you are in the process is a beautiful process. Club Wise - it's board and it's members -have opened up so many incredibly opportunities of discovery. 

  • Discovery of self. 
  • Discovery of taste. 
  • Discovery of community.
  • For that, I'm forever grateful. Now, can someone grab me a drink? Make it a Wiseman!
  • Cheers,

- Club Wise Member 

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