#RaiseTheMacallan - Exclusive Tasting of the New Rare Cask @ Terminal City Club, Vancouver - 11.18.15

From left to right, our Board Members: Kevin, Lesley, Jordan & Nick

From left to right, our Board Members: Kevin, Lesley, Jordan & Nick

On a cold and wet November evening in Vancouver, we had the pleasure of being invited to an exclusive tasting of a new whisky release from Macallan. Brand Ambassador Dan Volway took us through an intimate tasting of the entire 1824 Series in the ballroom of the Terminal City Club before finishing it off with the new gem of the collection, the Rare Cask.  The room was full of excited scotch lovers, who were first treated to a discovery of the other Macallan bottles of Gold, Sienna, Amber and Ruby.  Finally, the Rare Cask was up and everyone indulged! 

The scotch is darker than one would expect from an all sherry cask finish.  The scent is rich with raisins and citrus with subtler notes of nuts and cocoa.  The whisky maintains the trademark Macallan silky, oily texture due to their distilling process and using the smallest stills in all of Scotland.  There are lots of notes of dried fruits with hints of oak and vanilla too.  Overall, the Rare Cask is a savoury and complex whisky that aligns nicely with the other bottles in the series.  The Rare Cask maintains Macallan's move towards non-age statement (NAS) whiskies backing their attitude that they will let the whisky do the talking.  

It was such a fun event and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening. Check out the gallery of photos from our #raisethemacallan experience below!

-Jordan, Co-Founder

Photos by: Jonathan Evans

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