Bulleit Rye American Whiskey

History: First released in 2011 after the untethered successes of the more recognizable and readily available Bulleit Bourbon, Bulleit Rye is tightly tied closely to both the brand and its roots as a rye forward, high alcohol content (45%) spirit.

Tasting Notes: Very smooth as compared to many Canadian Ryes, with a very sweet start and spicy follow up. The layers in this rye give it a depth that is found more often in single-malts than rye, and the long warming finish is a thing of beauty. 

Price: $36.99

Wisemen Word: A great bottle for the cocktail aficionado and Bulleit Bourbon loyalist. It’s a somewhat rare find in your more traditional liquor stores which adds to the allure of trying something new from a brand that has delivered so well in the past.

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