Writers Tears Pot Still Irish Whiskey

History: Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey is traditionally made from a mash comprised of both malted and unmalted barley which is distilled in a pot still. This style of whiskey was apparently produced as a reaction to British taxes on malted whiskey which were introduced in 1802. To reduce the taxable amount on their whisky, Irish distillers began to add more unmalted barley into the distillation. The result was what we have come to know as Irish Pure Pot Still Whisky. Writers Tears Pot Still Irish Whisky contains both Single Malt Whiskey and the aforementioned Pure Pot Still Whiskey in its construction. As is the tradition in Ireland, the whiskey is triple distilled and matured in American Oak bourbon barrels.  Writers Tears pays homage to the long history and tradition of Ireland’s rich culture of exceptional authors.  Many sought comfort and inspiration from ‘The Water of Life’ and it was said that when an Irish writer cried, he cried tears of Whiskey. Gift or a curse? Now if that isn’t a great brand story, we don’t know what is!

Tasting Notes: This lighter coloured whiskey starts soft and sweet with thick honey coming forward followed by hints of citrus on the nose.  Honey develops on the palate with mellow notes of vanilla, apple, caramel and a hint of oak.  The finish on this delightful golden liquid is warm, sweet and long. Overall, it is very smooth without much burn. Just what you want out of this everyday easy drinking whiskey.

Price: $63.99

Wisemen Word: For those just discovering whiskey or those making their first foray into Irish blends this bottle is for all of us that enjoy an easy going but flavourful whiskey that doesn’t break the bank.  This unique bottle was also rated 93 points in the Whisky Bible giving you confidence you are getting great value.  Definitely a good choice to gift to the boss over the holidays if you’re aiming to make that promotion at work this year. Thank us later. Please enjoy responsibly.  Slainte

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