Partnership & Collaborations

Our Audience


Since launching our social channels in 2013, we have successfully established a highly loyal and interactive audience who visit daily to check the latest trends, recommendations and #SocialWhisky events. Our confidence and energy allow us to create unique and captivating content both online and in person.

The Whisky Wisemen offers various ways to reach a targeted audience in an honest and natural way. We have created a trusted relationship with our audience, positioning us as an influencer within the spirits and business community.

At the Whisky Wisemen there are many ways to partner and collaborate with us. We are proud that our organization has spread around the world connecting our global networks. If you have ever wanted to work with us in your own city here are a few ways we can do that.

  1. Social Media Collaborations

  2. Whisky Tastings

  3. Whisky Collaborations

Social media collaborations

As social media Influencers, we partner with cool brands to on all social platforms.

Social Media Takeovers

The Whisky Wisemen takes over the brand’s social media - Instagram, Twitter, or both and shares photos featuring our unique point of view.

Whisky Festival/Event Correspondent

The Whisky Wisemen travels to ‘said-events’ to cover Whisky related events, and to team up with brands and companies to report on behalf of the team. 

Social Media photography

We have the expertise to create a visually stunning photo for social media tagging the brand and including a note about the brand in the text of the post. These are products shot or a photo of us using the product in a lifestyle setting.

Whisky Tastings

(limited to cities with established Chapters)


The Whisky Wisemen takes pride in working within our communities. Beyond our annual beneficiary, the Whisky Wisemen partners with additional fundraising events to add value to your evening. For select charity events we can join you for the evening setting up a “Whisky Wisemen table” and pouring our cocktail as well as a Glenmorangie whisky tasting.

Corporate and Private Events

Have an private function, office party, or looking to entertain clients? The Whisky Wisemen can come and join you for the evening setting up a whisky table or booth. We can work with both small and large events bringing a high level of professionalism, whisky expertise, and a globally recognized brand.

Whisky Collaborations

Using our creative vision and unique ‘whisky’ targeted audience, share your advertisement campaigns and brand ambassador expertise in a fresh new way with The Whisky Wisemen.

  • Club Wise YVR Private tastings

  • #ThirdThursday events in Chapter cities

  • Series events in guest Chapters, Host the Whisky Wisemen for a series of events in your city! 3,4,5 you name it! Email us for more information

  • Special events, let’s co-host an event together, we’ll bring the people, you bring the whisky! Message us for more information