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Whisky Wisemen’s

Inaugural Croquet Tournament



Our vision

Whisky Wisemen’s vision of our inaugural croquet tournament, is to bring forward an Wimbledon inspired event that highlights British culture. Taken from the origins of Wimbledon, the All England Club began life as a croquet club from 1868 - 1877. Later, Dr Henry Jones first suggested that one of the croquet lawns be set aside for lawn tennis and in 1877, the club changed its name to The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club.

Pulling ideas from the Royal Box the “veritable Who’s Who of the great and the good”, hundreds of strawberries and cream, as well as the usage of greenery and plants of the famous ivy on Centre Court in Boston Ivy, we have transformed West Point Grey Lawn Bowling and Croquet Club into a space that royalty would join!

Thank you to our Sponsors

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Croquet Title Sponsor

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We choose to do things differently. We always have. Not to merely “stand out”. But rather, to push things forward. For 60 years, we’ve challenged convention to revolutionize the idea of what an automobile could be.

Our passion for pushing the envelope and thinking beyond the needs of modern mobility continues today, and has produced some truly visionary creations.

We Are MINI.



About the tournament


With 64 people playing croquet and 50 - 60 spectators, our evening will be split into 2 portions. The playing field of West Point Grey and veritable Royal Box, where we will host activations, tastings, and a luxury still picnic during the day time. Starting at 4PM with lessons and registration, we will wrap up with an awards ceremony at approximately 9PM.

Upon entry into the club you will be welcomed with a custom cocktail and a wristband indicating your team or spectator status. We will have finger foods, as well as booths serving cocktails, alcohol tastings, and more!

The Royal Box will be hosted at the neighbouring park to West Point Grey Croquet and Lawn Bowling Club. Here we will have hosted a luxury picnic style area. We will have corporate sponsors, finger foods, additional alcohol sponsors are more. Each guest will be given a “Picnic Package” when arriving including items such as: blankets to sit on, gifts, and classy corporate SWAG.

The Whisky Wisemen Society is proud to announce the first ever of the Whisky Wisemen Annual Charity Croquet in the city of Vancouver, B.C. Whisky Wisemen is dedicated to create sustainable fundraising models, and this year we are excited to add this channel of fundraising to our roster. We are excited to bring you, a fun and casual sporting event that everyone can enjoy!



In line with British customs, we encourage Sunday afternoon attire matched with a blazer. For player’s we ask for you to wear athletic white attire.



Inspired by British culture, we will have finger foods as well as light dinner served in a luxury picnic format. We will incorporate the Royal Box, Strawberries & Cream, as well as greenery in our set up.



We will create a separate fenced of area to host a day time activation area and evening luxury picnic.


Our evening is packed with sports, style, and leisure, check out what our jam packed evening has in store for you!

Friday Night
4:00 - 4:30

Meet & Greet & register

Register your pair by 4:30 enjoy a tasty welcome cocktail by our Title sponsors, Glenmorangie.

4:30 - 5:00

Learn how to play

We will have volunteers onsite teaching the group lessons on how to play the game! Rookie or expert, all croquet players are welcome to join!

5:00 - 9:00


In an elimination style tournament, all players of the day will play a round robin style tournament with our final match up kicking off at 8:15.

Get eliminated early? You will have lawn bowling as well as picnic games to entertain you throughout the evening. Further, there will be alcohol given, snacks available, and a luxury picnic style dinner to end.

9:00 - 9:30


For our winning pair, we will announce to the group and hand off our inaugural team.

*Note: Last call is 9:30


Event is done and all noise has ended


West Point Grey Lawn Bowling & Croquet Club