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Quarterly Formal Events

Once a season, Club Wise will host a formal event that will include a variety of speakers, whisky tastings, and networking opportunities. More specifically, each event will have three major components: Education, Community Involvement, and A Love For Whisky. With two speakers at each event, there will be a whisky tasting facilitated by various brand ambassadors as well as an industry leader who will present and lead the group discussion on their respective field.

Past Whisky Wisemen Speakers examples: 

  • Jessica McDonald, previous CEO of BC Hyrdo 

  • Arthur Griffiths, previous owner, GM Place, NBA Grizzles, Canucks

  • John Bromley, CEO & Founder CHIMP

  • Rocco Rossi, President & CEO, Prostate Cancer Canada

  • Farhan Mohamed, Editor - In - Chief, Founder, Daily Hive 

  • Drew Green, CEO of INDOCHINO

  • Brian Scudamore, CEO O2E Brands 

  • Al Jessa, President of Joey Group Restaurant 

  • Manny Padda, Angel Investor of the Year, Founder New Avenue Capital

Past Whisky Tastings examples:

  • Glenmorangie

  • The Glenlivet

  • Nikka Whiskey

  • JP Wisers


Summer Party 

We use this as an opportunity to welcome the second cohort of members, as well as to bring the membership together for casual drinks. Often hosted on a patio or rooftop, our summer party is not to be missed!

Second Batch Whisky Wisemen Whisky barrel

In 2018 Club Wise will have the opportunity to not only purchase the exclusive Whisky Wisemen whisky, but to create it! Partnering with a Local Vancouver distillery, we will come together as a membership and produce a barrel of whisky, aging it for over 3 Years.

We will then come back together to open and taste our whisky!

A Meeting at Bletchley Park 

In Bletchley Park spirit, Club Wise is excited to announce we will host a 5 part series to gather our members together in a small group setting. We aim to create an environment where we learn more about how awesome our members are. Our purpose, much like Bletchley Park, will be to build meaningful conversations, be mutually beneficial, and build personal and business relationships.

End of Year Gala 

As seen in BC Business, every year we wrap up our membership with a bang! Gowns and black tie, we host a formal evening to bring an end the year and to recruit new members.

Breakfast Feast

New to 2019, sponsored breakfasts. As we increasingly have sponsors wanting to partner with us, in 2019 we will curate small private events with Club Wise and guests only.

You can expect these to begin this spring of 2019!



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