So you received one of our Chivalry Chips from a stranger and you ended up here?

Welcome to the first day of your new life. The fact that you made it here proves that this works and that you care and that's a great place to start, so let's get into it!

Generally, the term chivalry is reserved for a man's courteous behaviour towards a woman. However, in this day and age we believe that chivalry is applicable to everyone, everywhere. It's not dead, the meaning has just been lost in modern translation.  Chivalry is really just about consideration and effort. Consideration of others, meaning all people you share this earth with, their needs and wants and the effort to go the extra mile and extend a common courteous to our fellow community members. Chivalry can be as simple as opening a door for someone else or as thought out as getting flowers for someone who looks like they are having a terrible day and could use a smile. Chivalry is everyone's responsibility and should be commonplace. 

We started this movement with the hopes that these small chips could transform the world into the place that we all know it can be.  We envision a world full of love and kindness, where complete strangers do amazing, everyday, nice things for other strangers, asking for nothing in return other than for them to continue forward in their own lives while providing similar beautiful gestures to other strangers whenever possible. Someones has clearly made this gesture to you and now its your turn to #dogood & #bebetter.



  • Grab the bags of groceries from the woman who has her baby in the other arm and walk them all the way to her car for her.

  • Loan someone the other half of your umbrella when it is raining when you're waiting on the street corner to cross to the other side.

  • Hold the door open to your bank or office building for a couple minutes and for 10 different people just because and pass on the coin to someone who truly appreciated your effort and took that extra second to make eye contact and let you know.

  • Plug someone's parking meter that you notice has run out so they don't get a ticket and leave the chip behind for them to find when they return.

  • Give up your seat on the bus to anyone who looks like they could rest their feet more than you.

  • Let the person who looks in a hurry take the cab you just hailed before you or share it if you're headed the same way.

  • Purchase a suspended coffee for a complete stranger one morning and leave the chip behind with the Barista to pass along for you 

  • Let the person behind you in line at the grocery store with two items go in front to help speed up their day.

  • Take that extra look before the elevator door closes and if you hear someone coming, hold up and let them squeeze in too.

The opportunities to perform an act of chivalry are endless and notice how most of these things cost no money at all but rather your attention and time, both of which are invaluable.  We once heard the saying that 'the greatest form of giving in anonymous to anonymous' meaning you are doing something for someone you don't even know therefore ensuring that you do not wish to gain anything else from that giving other than the amazing feeling of giving. That's what this is about!


Go out into the world and do something else for a stranger for no reason other than it's the right thing to do and pass that Chivalry Chip on and let us know how it makes you feel. That is your #ChivalryChallenge!

If you've received a chip, please help spread the good word and encourage others to do the same through social media.  Post a picture or send a tweet telling your story and tag us! #ChivalryChallenge @whiskywisemen. Slainte!


Here are some examples from our community:

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